The buyaboat Team

The buyaboat Team


Adam Banks

Adam worked in RF Electronics for 25 years. He worked in many remote parts of the country, and the world, from mountains to underground mines. After working in, and managing, a number of technology businesses, he decided to get into a line of work that he was seriously interested in. He is now the owner of buyaboat.

Adam enjoys travelling, surfing and sailing. This has taken him all around the world. He has sailed extensively and completed many offshore miles from the East coast to Vanuatu and Lord Howe Island. He is especially keen on the challenges of single handed sailing, and owns a 36 foot yacht which his wife prays he will move onto in the future. 


Glenn Cook

Glenn worked in television for the first 30 years of his working career. A Cine Camerman / News Cameraman / Director. He has made many Television Documentaries, Television Series and shot over a million feet of movie film. He currently teaches video production.

Cooky has sailed and crewed as part of the Last Blue water rally, from Fiji to Australia. He has sailed many times up to the Great Barrier Reef.

He has his own You Tube channel 'Sailing Flat Out' that takes us on a journey to all the Islands of the Coral Sea. For 4 years Glenn has put his energy into videoing boats for buyaboat.

He is welcoming and very friendly.


Christopher Carr

Chris was born and raised in Chester, UK and spent 10 years onboard Super Yachts working his way up to First Officer. He traveled the Caribbean, Bahamas, Galapagos and Panama, cruised in the Pacific, up the east coast of South America, around the Mediterranean and across the Atlantic Ocean. He spent two years onboard yachts in Sydney Harbour but decided to go land based when he started a family. Chris went into the Plant & Equipment Valuation Industry and teamed up with Buyaboat to continue his connection to the water and share his knowledge of boats.


Paul Flaherty

Paul has always been around media since he was young. His father worked building ships at the State dockyard before entering radio, TV and then starting one of the largest advertising companies in Newcastle. It was then he learnt his first trade of Cine-cameraman and worked as a freelance operator for many years for most of the major TV stations and media companies.
Paul’s Grandfather was a merchant seaman so he has always been around and involved with boats and discovered a love for them in his late teens.
Before starting with Buyaboat, Paul was traveling around Australia and the Pacific with ET (Andrew Ettingshausen) filming "Escape With ET". This involved many long live-aboard sea journey's at places like NZ, Fiji, Vanuatu, New Guinea, The Solomons, NT, SA, QLD, WA and more.
Paul had to attain his commercial drone license while filming and has racked up many hours flying at sea in adverse conditions.
Paul's specialty is fishing boats, from small lake and estuary, to larger game boats.

Paul loves all types of boats and this shows in his passion for them.


Shawn Dare

Shawn Is a born and bred Lake Macquarie boy with years of sailing and boating experience. He has sailing racing experience and his family have been boat obsessed for many years.
A keen and hardworking guy who strives to get the best result whether representing you as a buyer or seller. He works hard and diligently to achieve the best possible result. His win win attitude has seen him get quite a few sales over the line to the great satisfaction of both buyers and sellers.
An honest and straight shooter, Shawn will always represent his vendors with professionalism, the enthusiasm of youth and with absolute integrity.
Shawn?s experience as a YouTuber and his mastery of technology has seen him producing quality videos that ensure your boat is marketed professionally and with the highest possibility of a quick sale.
Spending his free time boating and on the lake, you will probably see him out there on the water, whether he is working hard for you or just having a great time with family and friends.


Steve Smith

Steve served in the RAAF for over 36 years. A Fighter Pilot, Flying Instructor and Squadron Executive.

He now flys a wheelchair in front of computer screens. Steve is the buyaboat Operations Manager. He manages all online systems, administration and financial transactions, and monitors all of the buyaboat processes.

Steve is also a website developer and maintains the buyaboat website.